Welcome to Happy Claude

My motto is “Show Your Love”– love for your family, friends, Nature and especially pets. Showing your love strengthens the bond between you and your dear loved ones. And my handmade pet stockings are a wonderful way to show your love for that faithful, special pet companion in your life.

I started selling on Etsy in 2013 where I was one of the Original creators of the Bone, fish and carrot Christmas stockings. I have wonderful reviews on my Etsy store ChristmasClaude that validate my attention to detail and great customer service. 

My stockings are individually handmade by me in my studio in San Francisco. There is something special about  this place that feeds my creativity and gives me energy to keep working and designing new things to share with the world. Maybe it’s the morning breezes from the Bay, or the foggy nights. Whatever it is, each of my handmade stockings has a piece of San Francisco in it, a piece of that special San Francisco love to share with your beloved friend.

Have a Wonderful Day ♥